Essentials of Book Production - Entry Level
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This is an excellent all round introduction and re-cap of the main stages involved in the production and manufacturing of a book. 

It is full day with lots of interactive exercises and samples throughout.

You will learn what to consider when choosing paper – looking and feeling a range of different types.  The terminology to use and how best to draw up a specification and what the main factors are which affect manufacturing prices. 

Litho and digital printing are explained in terms of how they work and when each is most appropriate to use.  You will get to see what a printing plate looks like, what a blanket is, and what the inks are like in their raw state.

You will cover the basics of colour theory and how materials are prepared ready for press.

This is an essential course for anyone who needs to understand how a book is made.

Each part of the production workflow is covered including colour preparation, the basics of printing, binding styles, the different cover and jacket finishes, paper, packing and shipping.  Illustrated with visuals and physical samples throughout.

Whatever your role in publishing, understanding the terminology and knowing how your books are produced will help your overall effectiveness.


Who is the course aimed at?
Anyone working in publishing who needs a better understanding of the book production processes and terminology. Aimed at junior production staff, editors, designers, marketing and sales staff.
  • Understand the basics of the 4 colour printing process
  • Understand the different stages and processes involved in book production
  • Learn what the terminology means and how to write a good clear print specification
  • Understand the dynamics of co-edition publishing and how it impacts on the schedule & processes
  • Learn how print prices work and what affects them

‘The course was a great comprehensive introduction to the basics of production – very useful. Two interesting and approachable trainers who are passionate about production and publishing’

Charlotte Coulthard, Aurum Press

Course summary
21st Feb
1 day
9.30 am
5.00 pm
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Eunice Paterson, Teresa Solomon
£445 plus VAT - discounts available
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This course is run by:
Eunice has worked in print production for 30 years for companies as diverse as Dorling Kindersley and Sage Publications. Eunice has extensive production experience having worked on children's magazines, pop-up books, children's books with books plus elements, illustrated coffee table books, fiction, academic books and journals. Such a wide range of products has given Eunice experience of hand assembly, web and sheet fed litho, digital and ink jet production. In the course of her working life, Eunice has worked extensively with printers in the Far East, Middle East, Europe, USA and Canada.
Teresa is highly experienced in colour and the technicalities of book production. She worked on the Production side in book publishing for many years before moving to Imago. While Production Director of Dorling & Kindersley she moved the company over to working digitally (away from working with film) and trained the staff in the new technology. She has worked closely troubleshooting colour and print problems with printers, repro, production and designers for many years. For the last 15 years Teresa has worked for Imago developing training courses for the Imago Training School and is one of Imago’s colour experts. Teresa is now closely involved in the development of new courses, working with the trainers, and with consultancy work offered by Imago’s Training School.